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On this page you will learn:

  • The 3 ½ super-simple steps of a ChainMeet
  • A sample ChainMeet invite
  • Posting your ChainMeet


When you impact a ValuedFriend’s life, you also impact your own life, your own sense of value, and self-worth: When you make your friend feel good, YOU feel good, too! When you see your friend feel encouraged, YOU feel encouraged, too! That’s the power of Reciprocity!

When you become a link in the Chain of linking friendship forward, you change the lives of both your VF and the world around you, simply one friend at a time.

You Can Start Today!

3 ½ Simple Steps to a ChainMeet

lady texting


Take the first easy step of being friendtentional: send a ChainMeet invite to a VF to hang out together one-on-one, face-to-face, just the two of you. Even the invitation will brighten her day and set the stage for impact!



Meet at a coffee shop, pizza café, a pub, or a pastry shop, wherever – this is where you get to be creative. Treat her to a favorite coffee, pizza, after-dinner drink, a donut or two, again whatever you choose; this makes it affordable. Then sweeten the treat by honoring her with your full focus and attention.

Two young women eating an ice cream together


Enjoy the treat and your time together as you create an impactful experience - honor your friend with meaningful interaction, encouragement and validation. Let him share! And spur him on with your affirmation and your belief in him. Then enjoy the rewards of Reciprocity – the good version of What goes around comes around - you BOTH will feel enhanced sense of value and self-worth!

Phone in Woman Hand showing chainmeet site


REPEAT it all again – Keep inspiring forward! Invite another VF to a ChainMeet, and another…. That’s changing the world around you, simply one friend at a time! Then…

POST YOUR CHAINMEET! Imagine how he will feel when you publicly demonstrate your appreciation for him! Go to your Activity Page to memorialize the awesome time with your friend: Snap a selfie of the two of you during your ChainMeet and upload it. Share your experience: Mention the friend you treated and the restaurant you visited. TAG your friend!
Now, Go For It

Invite a VF to a ChainMeet!

Just copy the following and paste – replace the parenthetical italicized details with your own details. Then text or email to your VF. Cheers!

Hey (Name of VF)!

You are invited to a ChainMeet!

At: (My Favorite Coffee Shop)

Date: (April 12th)

Time: (11am)

Will you accept?

Please RSVP, and Thanx!

Heather and Melanie on a chain meet

*With ChainMeet, you meet with an actual friend that you know well; be sure you safely meet with a ValuedFriend with whom you already have an established friendship. This is not a network for meeting new friends or meeting with someone you do not know. This is not a dating network. This is for adults over the age of 18.

Posting Your ChainMeet

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Sharing your ChainMeet with us will inspire others to take the first step in starting their own Chains. When we all come together in action, linking our own friendship forward with simply one friend at a time, one-on-one, face-to-face, anything is possible!

We are stronger than ever before when we stand united in the ChainMeet Movement working together toward our common goals of empowerment, inspiration, and self-actualization: our “human need of realization and fulfillment of our God-given talents and potentialities.”

And when you feel inspired and encouraged, you can do anything you set out to do. 

Because, when you Inspire Forward, you will ultimately inspire within!

YOU can be a link in the Chain on our mission toward creating an unstoppable wave of positive inspiration that will ripple out from friend to friend, from coast to coast across every city in America and, yes, even beyond!
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