The ChainMeet Movement of Linking Friendship Forward

Introducing the new Movement of POSITIVITY that helps ordinary people make extraordinary positive impact in the world around us, just one friend at a time. Because when you inspire forward, you ultimately inspire within!

Book by Sue

Special Announcement

We're excited to let everyone know our book ChainMeet to Inspire Forward: Simple Steps to Boost Your Self-Confidence, Elevate Friendships, and Make a Positive Impact in the World has launched! Our RockFriends in Chapter 10 of the paperback also want you to know they grew up and became colorful! So you can get them here, too.

To celebrate with us, grab your FREE collection of 12 RF Cards to honor your VFs!

I had no idea that my meal with the author of this book would have such an impact! Sue and her husband open their home for our monthly Lifegroup. I wanted to honor her and thank her for her constant giving and encouragement to me. Never underestimate the power of great fullness and what it can do!

Friendship A True Gift

I hope everyone under 40 reads this book to know what real, live, one-to-one communication was like among friends before the advent of computers, cell phones, and social media. What a simple concept -- take a valued friend out to lunch or coffee, really listen, and celebrate the valued friendship -- then keep passing it forward. Check out Sue Welch's Chainmeet website, too!

Paula Carolina
A must read for those seeking to add value to real friendships

Why ChainMeet?

Many of us may not outwardly admit it, but we struggle at times with bouts of anxiety, loneliness, and depression. We long for a sense of belonging, being heard, and wanting to feel accepted and valued for who we are without judgment.

Exacerbating the problem is that we think we are more connected than ever through digital devices, social media, and virtual reality, but in real reality, we are feeling lonelier and more disconnected than ever.

We want to see and know we make a difference in this world and also enjoy some recognition for it, but we’re not sure how to do it in a way that’s meaningful for us as individuals.



… there is hope with ChainMeet!

We offer a super-simple strategy for those of you who want to make a positive difference in your world and in the world around you, so you will feel confident and motivated to be the Unique You for others that God created you to be:

YOUR ChainMeet!

INVITE > A ChainMeet is a transformational event of real in-person, one-on-one, face-to-face interaction and connection between two friends, in which an RF (RealFriend) invites out and treats a VF (ValueFriend) to coffee, lunch, ice cream, dinner, wine… or whatever sounds good to you, YOU choose.

IMPACT > You get to honor your friend: Be focused and attentive. Listen. Affirm. Validate. Encourage. Laugh. Be the real, authentic you as you enjoy the time together.

INSPIRE > You BOTH reap the rewards of Reciprocity: you both experience the energy of RealConnection and encouragement, and the confidence to inspire forward again and again.



In this diagram, you can see the progression of Chains that start with YOUR individual ChainMeets. These two Chains have ultimately impacted 30 people! How awesome is that?

3 ½ Simple Steps to a ChainMeet

lady texting


Take the first easy step of being friendtentional: send a ChainMeet invite to a VF* to hang out together one-on-one, face-to-face, just the two of you. Even the invitation will brighten her day and set the stage for impact!

*VF = ValuedFriend



Meet at a coffee shop, pizza café, a pub, or a pastry shop, wherever – this is where you get to be creative. Treat her to a favorite coffee, pizza, after-dinner drink, a donut or two, again whatever you choose; this makes it affordable. Then sweeten the treat by honoring her with your full focus and attention.

Two young women eating an ice cream together


Enjoy the treat and your time together as you create an impactful experience - honor your friend with meaningful interaction, encouragement and validation. Let him share! And spur him on with your affirmation and your belief in him. Then enjoy the rewards of Reciprocity – the good version of What goes around comes around - you BOTH will feel enhanced sense of value and self-worth!

Phone in Woman Hand showing chainmeet site


REPEAT it all again – Keep inspiring forward! Invite another VF to a ChainMeet, and another…. That’s changing the world around you, simply one friend at a time! Then…

POST YOUR CHAINMEET! Imagine how he will feel when you publicly demonstrate your appreciation for him! Go to your Activity Page to memorialize the awesome time with your friend: Snap a selfie of the two of you during your ChainMeet and upload it. Share your experience: Mention the friend you treated and the restaurant you visited. TAG your friend!

Tips for Great Friendship Start Here!


Community Reviews

Being Friendtentional changes the world around you…simply one friend at a time.

Impact the World

I've been looking for ways to make an impact in the world and have tried many things. ChainMeet helped me see that the best way to achieve this is to start with the people I know, one person at a time. Through my own ChainMeets, I get to see the impact I've been looking for.

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